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Annual Conference

Conference Session

"Sensory Nutrition: Enticing Children to Choose Foods with Benefits"
Key Areas: Nutrition
Session: Session B - Friday November 9, 2018: 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. - Platinum 4

Speaker(s): Jim Painter, PhD, RD - Emeritus Professor , University of Texas -Houston, School of Public Health
Maggie Schuster - Clinical Dietitian , Whidbey Health Medical Center

  1. Define top motivators that drive children's food choices
  2. List steps to make food taste good, look good and be nutritionally better using the sensual nutrition process
  3. Identify common ingredient substitutions to increase nutrition quality of food while maintaining flavor and texture

Description: Typically dietitians tell people what to eat because it is healthier for them, but nutrition comes second to taste when children are surveyed about their primary motivator for food choices. The premise of sensory nutrition is to make food look better, taste better, while being more nutritious so that children choose and prefer dishes that are healthier for them.

Speaker Bio(s):
Jim Painter, PhD, RD - Emeritus Professor
University of Texas -Houston, School of Public Health

Dr. Jim Painter is an Adjunct Professor at University of Texas. His current research specialties include heart disease, and mindless eating. Jim is an advisor for Sun-Maid Raisin Growers and Paramount Farms, and consults for Davison's Safest Choice and the National Dairy Council. He currently serves on the American Heart Association's Eat Well Task Force.

He worked for Marriott Corporation in the 1980s, taught at University of Illinois during the 1990s and at Eastern Illinois University until 2013.

Jim has over 100 peer reviewed publications to his credit.

He and his wife Rosemary have two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.

Maggie Schuster - Clinical Dietitian
Whidbey Health Medical Center

Maggie Schuster is a Clinical Dietitian at Whidbey Health Medical Center where she does inpatient and outpatient counseling and she is also a nutrition consultant for Sun-Maid Growers of California and Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs. Maggie has a Master's in Nutrition Education and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Her current areas of interest and research are malnutrition, functional nutrition, and nutrition for cardiac wellness.

She enjoys hiking, biking, and eating delicious food.

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