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Annual Conference

Conference Session

"Clean Label on Products for School Nutrition Programs"
Key Areas: Nutrition
Session: Session D - Saturday November 10, 2018: 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. - Platinum 4

Speaker(s): Wanda Grant, RD, SNS - Nutrition Service Consultant, Retired Director, Nutrition Concepts
Shirley J. Brown, Ed. D., SNS, Rich Products Corporation

Objectives: Clean Labels on Products
Objective 1: Participants will be able to recognize a clean label versus a label with unnecessary potentially allergenic additives.
Objective 2: Participants will understand why additives are added to products and which additives are there only for coloring or flavor enhancement rather than safety or nutritional value.
Objective 3: Participants will realize the value of clean label products in Child Nutrition Programs and will value the effort and commitment to healthy foods that our manufactures reflect in their products.

Description: Program Description: Do you know what's in the food you are serving your students? The vendors to the School Nutrition programs are expected to listen, understand and deliver products that are healthy and safe. Health and authenticity is a major focus in developing and delivering products that customers trust. Media attention has brought the "clean Label" issue to the forefront and we are happy to discuss what it means, how it affects your product selection and how to incorporate it into your school nutrition business. Hear from the experts from three different industries - meal and poultry, bread and whole grain products and snacks both for Smart Snack Compliance and for items that meet the meal pattern requirements. What are the additives that should be avoided, which additives are more acceptable and which ones are more allergenic? What products have artificial colorings and dyes? How to eliminate unnecessary additives and why should Nutrition programs be paying attention?

Speaker Bio(s):
Wanda Grant, RD, SNS - Nutrition Service Consultant, Retired Director
Nutrition Concepts

Shirley J. Brown, Ed. D., SNSRich Products Corporation

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