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Annual Conference

Conference Session

"Plays Well With Others"
Key Areas: Administration
Session: Session B - Friday November 10, 2017: 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. - 301

Speaker(s): Tami West - Owner, Tami West, PhD

Objectives: 1. Recognize the role of reinforcement in the negative thoughts that hinder good relationships. 2. Manage the heuristics that influence assumptions about others' behaviors.3. Choose their reactions to others during difficult encounters.

Description: Wouldn't it be nice if people wore signs so that everyone else would know how to interact with them? Unfortunately... they don't. Child Nutrition Professionals live and work with a wide range of people: friends, spouses, bosses, parents, students, administrators, and colleagues to name just a few. Sometimes these people can be passive, aggressive, loud, or inconsiderate. During this session, you will learn to become a person who plays well with others because you want to. You're tired of battles. Tired of the mental strain. Tired of feeling exhausted.

Speaker Bio(s):
Tami West - Owner
Tami West, PhD

Dr. Tami West has been helping people take their power back for over 15 years. Her clients range from over 100 School Nutrition Groups to inmates in Danbury Federal Prison to executives at Social Security Administration.Her publications include The Stress Club: Stop participating, take your power back, and start living your own life and Life Without the Monsters. She has spoken for groups in 48 states across the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. When she?s not speaking, you might find her with her husband at the beach, reading historical fiction, at Disneyland, or watching Big Bang Theory.

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