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Membership Types

Regular Members:

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Industry Members:

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School Food Service and Nutrition Members

School Food Service and Nutrition member categories shall consist of employees, managers, supervisors, directors, and educators employed in eligible fields. A member in this class who ceases to be employed may continue as a member in this class provided employment has not been accepted in a noneligible field.

Associate Members

Associate Member categories shall consist of retired members, students enrolled in post-secondary school food service programs, industry individuals, corporations and others committed to furthering the goals of the Association.
  • Retired Members.

    Retired members shall consist of a School Food Service and Nutrition member who retires from an eligible field, provided employment has not been accepted in a noneligible field. Periodic employment less than six months within each school year will not alter retired status.
  • Student Members.

    Student members shall consist of persons enrolled in post-secondary institutions with curriculum emphasis on food service management, dietetics, nutrition, or other related areas of study. Student members shall not be currently employed in school food service.
  • Industry Members.

    Industry members shall consist of individuals or organizations in industry, including food service management companies, who are committed to furthering the goals of the Association and do not qualify for other types of membership. An Industry member does not have the right to vote, serve as a delegate, or hold elected office.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate member categories shall consist of non-voting supporter members.
  • School Food Service employees working less than four hours per day who choose this category.
  • Retired members who choose this category.
  • Persons engaged in community nutrition programs.

Life Members

Life membership shall be conferred on the President upon completion of office. In addition to life-time membership in CSNA, a plaque, and a Presidents pin shall be given to the outgoing President.  In order to vote, serve as a delegate, or hold office, other qualifying membership requirements must be met.

Honorary Members

Honorary members shall consist of persons recognized by the Executive Committee for outstanding service to the Association and must have received the Honorary Merit Award. One award may be issued annually, which consists of a suitably framed parchment certificate or plaque and a life-time membership to CSNA. Selection of honorary members shall not be limited to current CSNA membership.  Honorary members shall not have the right to vote, serve as delegates or hold office unless other qualifying membership requirements are met.

Eligible field shall be defined as:
  • Person employed at the preschool, school, school district, college, state or federal levels in a food and nutrition program which serves meals.
  • Persons engaged in teaching or administration at the aforementioned levels.
  • Persons engaged in teaching present or potential school food service personnel.

Industry Members

Industry members enjoy a variety of benefits with their membership. The most valuable membership benefits CSNA provides for organizations include professional credibility, legislative power and professional development opportunities. As the "Voice of Child Nutrition," CSNA strives to provide Industry members with benefits that suit their current needs and expand opportunities for growth.

Who Can Join?
Any organization that provides support, products, or services to school foodservice professionals and child nutrition programs is strongly encouraged to join CSNA's Industry Membership. CSNA's Industry members represent various supply chain segments, including:
  • Manufacturers of food and beverage products
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Computer hardware/software and other technology companies
  • Foodservice suppliers and smallwares companies
  • Brokers and Distributors
  • And organizations that provide consulting services to the school foodservice profession

Industry Members:

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